What happens if I get sick or hurt while on my trip? ... thousands of dollars, and without Travel Insurance, you may be forced to pay out of pocket, up front! ..
Medical Protection
While it’s nice to know there is coverage for transportation and airfare, the big worry many have is paying for medical expenses in another country. Often health insurance doesn’t provide full coverage in foreign countries, so peace of mind with extra coverage is nice to have.

Carnival’s plan reimburses up to $10,000 for medical expenses, as long as the condition first occurs while on the cruise. So if you come down with a virus on the ship and have to be taken to a hospital, it is covered. If you have cancer that you are treating and have to go to the hospital on your trip, it wouldn’t be covered. Like most travel insurance, the plan only pays benefits after any other traditional insurance you might have.

Emergency Evacuation
One of the scariest thoughts is what happens if something happened out in the middle of the ocean and you had to be evacuated off the ship? In that case, this plan will cover up to $30,000 in evacuation expenses. This also covers transportation if you are hurt on-shore and have to be taken via ambulance to a hospital.

One additional feature worth noting is that emergency evacuation also pays for some instances of airfare. This includes round-trip airfare for one person of your choosing to where you are hospitalized if you are traveling alone and in the hospital more than a week. As well, the plan pays for airfare for you to get back home.