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Tựa Đề: Toyota Keeps Its Promise: Delivers New Tundra To Hero Nurse

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    Post Toyota Keeps Its Promise: Delivers New Tundra To Hero Nurse

    Toyota Keeps Its Promise: Delivers New Tundra To Hero Nurse
    Adrian Padeanu

    © Motor1.com Toyota Tundra

    We're taking our proverbial hats off to Toyota.

    Not that we had any doubts, but Toyota is restoring our faith in humanity by living up to the promise it made last week to Adventist Health nurse Allyn Pierce. Proving every cloud has a silver lining, the hero’s partially melted Toyota Tundra used to save lives has now been replaced by a brand new 2018 Tundra TRD Pro.

    A new truck is a small, yet emotional token of appreciation for our hero who risked his own life to save others from the disastrous Californian wildfires. In case you haven’t heard his story, Allyn Pierce, who manages the ICU at the hospital, used his own Tundra to evacuate patients and protect them from the calamity.

    Toyota heard about Pierce’s act of bravery and commented on Instagram: “We are humbled you’d risk your life and Toyota Tundra to drive people to safety.

    Don’t worry about your truck, we’re honored to get you a new one.” That was last week, and now there’s a shiny new Tundra sitting next to the fire-damaged truck that had to go through hell to save the patients that were stuck at the hospital.


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