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Tựa Đề: The Difference Between Wife And Girlfriend

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    Default The Difference Between Wife And Girlfriend

    What Is The Difference Between Wife And Girlfriend ?

    Wife is like a TV and Girlfriend is like a MOBILE.

    At home you “watch” TV, but when you go out you “take” your MOBILE.

    Sometimes you “enjoy” TV
    But most of the time, you “play” with your MOBILE.

    TV is (as good as) “free” for life
    But for the MOBILE, if you don't “pay” the services will be “terminated”.

    TV is “big, bulky” and most of the time “old”
    But the MOBILE is “cute, slim, curvy, replaceable” and “portable”.

    Operational costs for TV is often “acceptable”
    But for the MOBILE, it is often “high” and “demanding”.

    TV has a “remote”
    But MOBILE “doesn't”.

    Most importantly, MOBILE is a “two-way communication” (you talk and listen)
    But with the TV, you “MUST only listen” (whether you want to or not)!!!

    Last but not least....!
    Yet TVs are superior because TVs don't have “viruses”
    but MOBILEs often “do....”!!!

    And MOBILEs can be easily “hacked” or “stolen”!!!

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    The Difference Between Wife And Girlfriend í : TV....LLL ,but Mobil....LLL !

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