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"Một Lần Tiễn Chân Người"


"Một Lần Tiễn Chân Người"

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  • "Một Lần Tiễn Chân Người"

    "Một Lần Tiễn Chân Người" - Nhạc Ngoại Quốc - Lời Việt Hoàng Trọng Thụy - Nguyên Khang trình bày... hình như theo âm điệu nhạc của bản "Belle" trong "Notre Dame de Paris"? Không biết có đúng không? Xin quý niên trưởng, quý vị nghe qua bản "Belle" để so sánh.

    "Belle" is the most famous song from the top 10 songs of "Notre Dame de Paris", is a sung-through French musical that debuted on 16 September 1998 in Paris. It is based on the novel Notre Dame de Paris (known in English as The Hunchback of Notre Dame) by the French novelist Victor Hugo. The music was composed by Riccardo Cocciante (also known as Richard Cocciante) and the lyrics are by Luc Plamondon. (Wikipedia)

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    Không phải đâu Kiwi
    Một lần tiển chân người (Una Locura - Jose' Luis Perales) Lời Việt Hoàng Trọng Thuỵ
    Mời cả nhà cùng nghe nhé !
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      Una Locura
      English lyrics

      I no longer remember how it was
      if you looked for me or I looked for you
      if you found me or I found
      you I forgot
      if you called me or I called you
      if you looked at me or I looked at you
      if you smiled or I smiled
      what does it matter
      If it was early or late
      If it was cold or if the sun was shining
      I only remember that ours was

      A madness
      that only flourished one spring
      that was no more than an adventure
      and the summer wind withered
      A madness
      that did not leave a mark on my path
      that remained in the air without destination
      and that as time went by erased it
      I no longer remember how it was
      if you loved me or I loved you
      if you left or I left
      I forgot
      if you left me or I left you
      if you lost me or I lost you
      if you forgot me or I forgot
      what does it matter
      if it was summer or it was autumn
      if it was in a bar or on a beach in the sun
      I only remember that ours was
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