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Three Super Power Leaders' Achievement


Three Super Power Leaders' Achievement

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  • Three Super Power Leaders' Achievement

    One day, the three super power leaders get together for their lifetime achievements at a secret location.

    Putin starts the meeting by thanking Donald Trump and Zi Jinping for coming to the meeting. He then says:
    - You know that I inferred the 2016 America election very damn good. No one ever found evidence I did. I’m pretty proud of myself.

    Jinping dis-agreed:
    - Nope! I had a better one. I only snapped my fingers, the Wuhan virus infected the entire world but America has the biggest share. I’m so proud of myself.

    Putin turns to Trump asks:
    - How about you little brother? What did you do?

    Trump proudly says:
    - You know I screw who …

    Putin says:
    - What did Melenia do to you? You don’t even remember who you screwed? You have too much stress, let’s relax little brother.

    Jinpung added:
    - I think you have dementia. Why don’t you take a bowl of bat soup and have some rest.

    Trump yelp even louder:
    - No! god damn it I said I screwed W.H.O…..

    Cửu Long
    NY - 2020

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