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Hình Ảnh Không Quân QLVNCH (1956 - 1975)


Hình Ảnh Không Quân QLVNCH (1956 - 1975)

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    Class 64-D consisted of twenty (20) Vietnamese Students and two (2) Bolivian Students. Seven of the Vietnamese pilots were killed during the Vietnam War. Lt. Scott is the Liaison Officer. The Flight Commander was Capt. Dial.

    Seated (Left to Right): 1/Lt. Name Unknown, Bolivia; A/C Dat T. Le, Vietnam; A/C Tai A. Vo, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Thang V. Le, Vietnam; A/C Khoi M. Tran, Vietnam; A/C Huong H. Ta, Vietnam; A/C Son V. B, Vietnam; A/C Hien T. Nguyen, Vietnam; A/C An Q. Lai, Vietnam; 1/Lt. Mendoza, Bolivia

    Standing (Left to Right): A/C Chau V. Nguyen, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Thoat T. Nguyen, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Hai G. Dao, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Bich D. Phan, Vietnam; A/C Danh C. Huynh, Vietnam; A/C Son Nguyen, Vietnam (KIA); 1/Lt. Scott, Training Officer - USAF; 1/Lt. Hung V. Mai, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Minh Bao, Vietnam (KIA); A/C Lan V. Tran, Vietnam; A/C Tinh H. Phan, Vietnam; A/C Thuyen D. Nguyen, Vietnam; A/C Vinh Q. Nguyen

    PHOTO OF 1st SOLO - Courtesy of An Lai

    The photograph of An Lai was taken immediately after he completed his first solo flight. He had 18 flight hours of instruction with Capt. Smith, the Assistant Flight Commander. He graduated with Class 64-D and is pictured in the class photograph in the front row, second from the right.
    Đơn vị cuối cùng BTLKQ/KDTKT/Trưởng ban Định chuẩn Trung Tá Lại Quốc Ấn
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      CLASS 65-E PHOTOGRAPH - Courtesy Lt. Col (Retired) H. L. Smith


      (Written comments from the students of 65-E)

      Class 65-E, representing the friendship between South America, Africa and Asia, is one class. From seven countries on the world: Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia, Morocco, Libya, Mali and Vietnam. We came to the United States to attend the Undergraduate Pilot Training, T-28.

      The same like the other classes, after finishing the language training at Lackland we came to Randolph for flight training on April 23, 1964.

      After the first weeks of academics we made our first contact with the T-28. I thought I would never make it. All these instruments and commands to be controlled by one man!

      When my instructor does the maneuvers they seem so easy to me, but when I tried to do them the airplane didn’t cooperate. We keep doing the same thing each day until the airplane began to cooperate (or if I can say, until I began to cooperate).

      Some of us got airsick, others felt they would never make their dreams come true. It was difficult, really! Then a first solo came to us. “He made it!” We began to “feel” the aircraft a little bit, it didn’t make us angry with ourselves as before, and we don’t feel flying was “punishment”.

      The time passed slowly and we finished phase after phase: Navigation, Formation, Instruments and Contact.

      Today is graduation day--the important day because we receive the silver wings and become a rated pilot. From now on, with the knowledge about flying, we can help our countries to maintain the freedom. And from now on we promise we’ll maintain the friendship between everybody in this class, and especially the relationship with all our instructors.


      2/Lt. Eduardo Adet - Bolivia

      1/Lt. Victor Basualdo - Paraguay

      1/Lt. Eduardo Chamorro - Paraguay

      2/Lt. Mamadou Coulibaly - Mali

      1/Lt. Saleh Ferjany - Libya

      1/Lt. Eduardo Gilardoni - Paraguay

      1/Lt. Luis Goiburu - Paraguay

      2/Lt. Rogelio Maldonado - Bolivia

      2/Lt. Nguyen Van Phu - Vietnam

      2/Lt. Vu Viet Quy - Vietnam

      2/Lt. Bousselham Rharbi - Morocco

      2/Lt. Lahbib Rissafi - Morocco

      1/Lt. Rodolfo Rosel - Bolivia

      2/Lt. Hong Khac San - Vietnam

      1/Lt. Miguel Segovia - Paraguay

      2/Lt. Mac Dina Tan - Vietnam

      2/Lt. Trinh Huu Tri - Vietnam

      2/Lt. Fernando Vargas - Nicaragua

      (PROGRAM INFORMATION - History & Graduates: Courtesy of Vandy Powell)

      Upper Left: 1/Lt. Luis Goiburu (Paraguay), Don Schmenk & 2/Lt. Mamadou Coulibaly (Mali) relax during a visit to the Schmenk home.
      Upper Right: Mamadou Coulibaly in later life as commander of the Republic of West Africa Air Force.
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        Phi Trường Biên Hòa T-28 (1962)


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          Hình Ảnh T-28


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            Hình Ảnh Không Quân QLVNCH (1956 - 1975)


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              Nguyên văn bởi KQ Nha Trang View Post
              KEESLER Air Force Base, biloxi, MISSISSIPPI
              1967 - 1973

              Xin Đính Chánh:
              Phù hiệu đầu tiên CON COP là Khoá 70-08 do Đ/U Mike O'Donovan, Huấn Luyện Viên Trưởng Khoá của Khoá 70-08 thiết kế.
              Khoá 70-08 gồm có 39 khoá sinh (36 SVSQKQ VN, 1 Đ/U +1 Tr/U người Guatema và 1 Tr/uý người Jordan) chia ra 2 Flight A và F. Vị Thủ Khoa là SVSQ KQ Nguyễn Văn Đặng, cựu PĐ 518.
              Có thể đây là chiếc phù hiệu đầu tiên của các khoá học tại căn cứ Keesler, Biloxi, Mississippi.
              Tr/uý Trang Văn Thành, trưởng phi cơ của chiếc AC-119K-Tinh Long 07 và Tr/uý Trần Văn Bảo, trưởng phi cơ của chiếc AC-119K-Tinh Long 06 là khoá sinh của Khoá 70-08, là 2 vị trưởng phi cơ dũng cảm đã góp phần vào việc bảo vệ Thủ Đô Sài Gòn và phi trường Tân Sơn Nhứt sáng sớm ngày 29/4/1975
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                Class 66-H at Randolph AFB

                CLASS 66-H GRADUATION PROGRAM - Courtesy of: Vandy Powell
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                  Class 67-A at Randolph AFB

                  CLASS 67-A GRADUATION PROGRAM: Courtesy of Vandy Powell
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                    Class 67-C at Randolph AFB

                    CLASS 67-C GRADUATION PROGRAM: Courtesy of Vandy Powell
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                      PHOTO AND INFORMATION REGARDING CLASS 68-02: Courtesy of Richard Chan Nguyen


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                        CLASS 68-03 GRADUATION PROGRAM: Courtesy of Vandy Powell
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                            CLASS 68-05 HISTORY
                            Graduation: 6 February 1968

                            Everything has seems it was only yesterday that we completed language training at Lackland and arrived at Keesler AFB. We were a class of thirteen students; one, from Paraguay, two from Nicaragua and ten from Vietnam. Along the way we lost four of our friends.

                            We will never forget May 15, 1967, the day we began our preflight training. Everything was so new and strange. The fear of the unknown gripped all of us. After three weeks the day arrived to begin flying. Proudly wearing our new flying suits, we had our first encounter with the T-28. This new training which dominated our lives was very demanding, but gradually we gained confidence and started to enjoy our chosen profession. Some students were not as fortunate as us; we started losing our friends who could not solo. Throughout all training phases our confidence increased in ourselves, our aircraft and mainly our instructors. Without our instructors’ hard work this graduation would not have been possible. We will always appreciate our instructors’ hard work for changing us from raw aspiring student pilots to competent pilots.

                            We are very proud as we stand here now in front of the “silver wings” that we will proudly wear as pilots, working for a better world of peace and security.

                            GRADUATES OF CLASS 68-05

                            2/Lt Humberto Penaloza - Bolivia
                            2/Lt Eulogio R. Ortiz - Nicaragua
                            A/C Ong Hoang An - Vietnam
                            A/C Bui Cong Hai - Vietnam
                            A/C Tran Quang Hung - Vietnam
                            A/C Phan Tan Phuoc - Vietnam
                            A/C Nguyen Van Thanh - Vietnam
                            A/C Nguyen H. Trach - Vietnam
                            A/C Nguyen Chien Tranh -Vietnam
                            A/C Nguyen Duc Viet - Vietnam


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