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01-11-2015, 08:20 AM
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Akrit Jaswal, just twelve years old, is studying at the University of India to be a doctor. He travels to Britain to be studied by scientists at the Imperial College.

The story goes back to 19th of November, 2000 in a rural village near the foothills of Himalayas, India, when the surgery of an 8 year old girl with burnt and fused fingers was successfully performed by a 7 year old Akrit Jaswal. Akrit Pran Jaswal is the full name of this wonder kid who was born on April 23, 1993 in Nurpur, Himachal Pradesh. The family of the burnt victim could not afford the cost of surgery and so approached Akrit who was considered as a medical genius locally. Even though he was not a doctor, he could successfully separate the girls fingers in an hour long operation and gave relief to the girl suffering for 5 years. This great achievement brought Akrit Jaswal into limelight across the world. The video on right shows the process of the surgery performed by Akrit.

As a child, Akrit developed fast and could learn languages exceptionally well, having good passion for science and anatomy. At the age of 5, Akrit started reading books of Shakespeare and also assembled a library of medical textbooks. When he was 6, Doctors at local hospitals were impressed with this wonder kid and started allowing him to observe surgeries. Inspired by this experience, Akrit began reading everything that he could on surgeries and at the age of 7, performed the surgery on burnt victim. At the age of 13, Akrit had an IQ of 146, not at the age of 7, as the message suggests, and was considered as the smartest person of his age in India. Because of this talent, Akrit could join and study BSc undergraduate course in medicine in a medical university of India while he was only 12 years old. .

Akrit Jaswal Today

Talented Kids: Akrit Jaswal

Although he’s only 20, Akrit Jaswal is already a practicing physician and has been working in the field for more than a decade. From infancy, Jaswal’s parents knew he was something special. He began walking at an early age, talked before the age of one and was said to have been reading Shakespeare when he was five.

When Jaswal was seven, he successfully performed a surgery for a family who couldn’t afford healthcare for their daughter. The surgery branded Jaswal as a local medical genius in his hometown in India. At the age of 12, Jaswal became the youngest student to be admitted to medical school in India. Jaswal is now studying to get a master’s degree in applied chemistry.