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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 1 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 2 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 3 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 4 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 4 Scoreboard


Oh Là la!
Hey! What happened to the Vikings last night bubdy ?

10-03-2014, 07:18 PM

Oh Là la!
Hey! What happened to the Vikings last night bubdy ?

Vikings - NO Quarterbacks at all, two rookie quarterbacks injured, and another rookie quarterback who played badly last night. He is the worst quarterback.

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While the Colts are the highest-scoring team in the NFL, interestingly enough, the Houston defense has allowed fewer points scored than the Colts, 87 to 108.

What could help the Texans counter the Colts would be a big game from running back Arian Foster. He ran for 157 yards and two touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday. Foster on the field for Houston keeps Luck and the Colts offense off of it. If the Houston offensive line can protect him, Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson to throw to. Second-year wideout Deandre Hopkins is developing into a viable second option in the Texans passing game.

You can watch the Colts take on the Texans Thursday night on CBS and the NFL Network, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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While the Colts are the highest-scoring team in the NFL, interestingly enough, the Houston defense has allowed fewer points scored than the Colts, 87 to 108.

What could help the Texans counter the Colts would be a big game from running back Arian Foster. He ran for 157 yards and two touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday. Foster on the field for Houston keeps Luck and the Colts offense off of it. If the Houston offensive line can protect him, Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has All-Pro wide receiver Andre Johnson to throw to. Second-year wideout Deandre Hopkins is developing into a viable second option in the Texans passing game.

You can watch the Colts take on the Texans Thursday night on CBS and the NFL Network, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

I watched the game last night at work, both teams played so good, Houston's second lost in a row.


Andrew Luck threw for 370 yards and three touchdowns in the Colts' 33-28 win over the Texans.

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The big winner at Sunday night's Arizona Cardinals vs. Washington Redskins game wasn't one of the teams or even one of the football players. It was one lucky NFL cheerleader and her romantic Air Force Captain boyfriend.

During the game, Cardinals cheerleader Claire Thornton was surprised beyond belief when her boyfriend Eric Straub appeared on the field in his flight suit and got down on one knee to pop the question, according to TODAY.com.

Thorton thought that Straub, an F-15 pilot in the Air Force, was getting a special welcome home from the Cardinals during the game since he had just returned from a deployment in the Middle East the night before.


Luckily for Straub, the public proposal paid off. Thornton said "Yes!" and the crowd, which had been watching on a jumbo screen the entire time, went wild.

"It was pretty amazing,'' Thornton told TODAY.com. "I was shaking really bad. He's like 'Put the ring on!' And I'm like, you put it on me!' The best part about everything is that my whole family was there and his whole family was there, and I was doing what I love with the people that I love. It was the epitome of the best day ever.''


USAF F-15 Eagle

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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 5 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 6 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 7 Scoreboard



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Redskins 20 :Cheerleader: Cowboys 17

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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders dancing to "Shakin' That Tailgate" by Trailer Choir

<iframe width="800" height="500" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/GKg8G9sMWUY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 8 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 9 Scoreboard



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2014- 2015 NFL Football Week 10 Scoreboard



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NFL week 11 Scoreboard!


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Bills stadium buried in snow, Sunday's game will not be played in Buffalo

http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/Bills stadium_1416522709.jpg

The NFL released a statement announcing that the Bills game will not be played in Buffalo this Sunday due to safety concerns around the snowstorm.
Ralph Wilson Stadium is sitting under tons of snow.

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Shutdown Corner NFL Power Rankings: Two conference favorites emerge
By Frank Schwab


This season, in which nothing makes sense from week to week, we have something that seems like a safe proclamation.

The New England Patriots are the clear favorite in the AFC. And the Green Bay Packers have established themselves as the favorite in the NFC.

That's not to say these are going to be your two Super Bowl teams. We've had plenty of seasons in which the best team doesn't win the Super Bowl or even make it there. But if you don't live in Arizona or Colorado, these are probably the two teams you're betting on to make it to the end.

The Patriots have lapped the field in the AFC, and they might be on the way to doing it twice. They've beaten three straight division leaders by at least three touchdowns. They’re 32-3 in the second halves of seasons since 2010, and have won 15 straight at home. This team isn’t the 2007 squad or anything, but it would be a major upset if they don’t win the AFC title.

The Packers aren’t in the Patriots’ league yet. If the Packers beat the Patriots at Lambeau Field on Sunday, we can re-evaluate. But the Packers are the top team in the NFC. The Packers have won seven of eight. They are undefeated at home, winning there by an average of 26.8 points. They also have a schedule that could lead to them winning out. If they hold serve at home against New England, Atlanta and Detroit, and win at Buffalo and Tampa Bay, it’ll be a tough task for the Cardinals to hold off a 13-3 Packers team for home-field advantage (although the Cardinals have a two-game edge in the loss column and in the first tiebreaker, which is conference record). I’m not sure Drew Stanton and that offense could hold off Green Bay, even if it's in Arizona, though.

The Packers have the highest point differential in the NFC by far, had the highest DVOA (Football Outsiders’ per-play metric) in the NFC by far coming into last week’s games, and have a quarterback with a 119.2 rating in Aaron Rodgers. They’re not unbeatable, but nobody else in the NFC is either.

Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field isn’t really a Super Bowl preview, because single-game elimination tournaments are unpredictable. But it's the best two teams in football on the same field. We’ll see if the Packers can make a legitimate claim to the top spot overall.

Here are the post-Week 12 NFL power rankings:

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10, LW: 31)
They were feisty for a while against the Colts. And still lost by 20.

31. Oakland Raiders (1-10, Last Week: 32)
Who would have thought the Raiders would give us one of the more entertaining games of the season?

30. New York Jets (2-9, LW: 28)
The Jets probably hit rock bottom on Monday night, losing 38-3 against a Bills team that could barely practice before the game. Geno Smith replaced Michael Vick late when Vick was hurt. Really doesn't do much harm to start him the rest of the way.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-9, LW: 30)
I think Lovie Smith gets a huge bonus if Josh McCown makes a certain number of starts. It's the only way I can explain it.

28. Tennessee Titans (2-9, LW: 29)
After 345 yards against a solid Eagles defense, Zack Mettenberger is your 2015 Titans starter. If it's anyone else, the Titans' organization has lost its mind.

27. Washington Redskins (3-8, LW: 27)
Has to be tough to play that well, when a C-minus effort at quarterback would result in a win, and come away with the loss.

26. New York Giants (3-8, LW: 26)
I'm still mesmerized by Odell Beckham.

25. Carolina Panthers (3-7-1, LW: 25)
The best hope is that Cam Newton is healthier after the bye. Actually, that's their only hope.

24. Atlanta Falcons (4-7, LW: 24)
My dream, in the name of chaos, is for a 10-loss Falcons team to win the NFC South and host a playoff game with an interim coach because Mike Smith has been fired.

23. New Orleans Saints (4-7, LW: 21)
Well, if they can't win at home anymore, then they're just a bad team.

22. Minnesota Vikings (4-7, LW: 23)
Cordarrelle Patterson has more than two catches in a game one time since Sept. 21. He has posted yardage totals of 8, 15, 9, 9, 24 and 18 in that stretch. Can't blame the coaches forever. Especially compared to this year's unbelievable rookie receiver class, it doesn't look good for Patterson.

21. Chicago Bears (5-6, LW: 22)
Totaling 204 yards and 12 first downs at home against one of the worst defenses in football. I'm convinced Marc Trestman's play card this year is just "MATT FORTE CHECKDOWN" in 300-point type and that's it.

20. St. Louis Rams (4-7, LW: 20)
What about this for a great full-circle scenario: The Rams send a late-round pick to Washington for Robert Griffin III?

19. Houston Texans (5-6, LW: 19)
I didn't really think the Texans were going anywhere this season with or without Ryan Mallett, but his injury cost them the chance to evaluate Mallett for next year, which is a blow.

18. Buffalo Bills (6-5, LW: 18)
Great, professional effort by the Bills to win after their issues leading up to the game. "Great, professional effort" doesn't apply to their opponent on Monday, but still a nice win. And a fun celebration by tight end Scott Chandler after a touchdown, too.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4, LW: 16)
Not hard to envision them finishing 4-1, given how the schedule looks. Not hard to envision them going 2-3 or worse, given how bad they look on their worst days, either.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (7-3-1, LW: 17)
Four wins in five games is pretty impressive. I'm not quite ready to put them back in the circle of trust, because their bad days were incredibly awful and burned in my brain forever, but it's a start.

15. San Diego Chargers (7-4, LW: 14)
Ryan Mathews is back, plays great and ... wait, he's back in the locker room with a shoulder injury? It stinks for him that his body hasn't cooperated. Hopefully he can change that reputation.

14. Cleveland Browns (7-4, LW: 15)
Josh Gordon is obviously their most important player down the stretch, but Isaiah Crowell might be a close second. He hasn't had more than 14 carries in a game, although he's averaging five yards per carry. The Browns might be ready to unleash him down the stretch.

13. Detroit Lions (7-4, LW: 10)
A couple of good teams will miss the playoffs in the NFC. How about the team with the offense that hasn't even scored 200 points (only the Jets, Raiders, Jaguars and Titans are in that group, and they're all in the bottom five of these power rankings) and has a point differential of just plus-7 this season?

12. San Francisco 49ers (7-4, LW: 13)
I'm not sure there has been a tougher receiver than Anquan Boldin, ever. Maybe Hines Ward. Maybe. Definitely haven't seen another receiver get hit as hard as Boldin was by Ryan Clark, have the defensive player get an unnecessary roughness penalty, and the receiver runs off while the safety is injured. Incredible play.

11. Miami Dolphins (6-5, LW: 12)
This is a really good team. They might not make the playoffs, but they're good.

10. Baltimore Ravens (7-4, LW: 11)
Justin Tucker is a legitimate playmaker for the Ravens. It's hard to make a 55-yard field goal look like an extra point, which he did on Monday night.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4, LW: 6)
Prayers go out to Eric Berry for a full recovery.

8. Seattle Seahawks (7-4, LW: 9)
For either the Seahawks or 49ers to really get to where they want to go, they'll probably have to sweep the other. That's what makes this Thanksgiving matchup so good.

7. Dallas Cowboys (8-3, LW: 8)
Tony Romo since fracturing the transverse process in his back: 38-of-53 for 521 yards, seven touchdowns, zero interceptions and one last-minute, game-winning touchdown drive. Someday more people will appreciate how good he is.

6. Indianapolis Colts (7-4, LW: 7)
The Colts' games against the AFC South should just get skipped due to lack of interest.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (8-3, LW: 5)
The Eagles are tremendous at destroying awful teams. One potential problem might be the lack of awful teams in the playoffs, outside of the NFC South champ.

4. Denver Broncos (8-3, LW: 4)
A lot can change before January. But right now, this doesn't look like a team that can beat New England.

3. Arizona Cardinals (9-2, LW: 3)
Not much reason to downgrade them for the loss at Seattle. It was a desperate Seahawks team, which is still really tough at home, and the Cardinals' offense was shorthanded without Larry Fitzgerald. Nice win for Seattle, but not really a bad loss for Arizona.

2. Green Bay Packers (8-3, LW: 2)
If you want to argue the Packers' defense isn't good enough to win the NFC, you must also point out the NFC team without a flaw to me.

1. New England Patriots (9-2, LW: 1)
In 1996, the Jaguars cut controversial receiver Andre Rison during the season. He was immediately picked up by the Packers, who had lost Robert Brooks to a season-ending knee injury. It was a gift from the Jaguars to the Packers, already the best team in the NFL that season. The Packers won the Super Bowl. About 18 years from now, someone might retell the same story, replacing Jaguars with Steelers, Brooks with Stevan Ridley, and Rison with LeGarrette Blount.

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Enjoy the games folks!


Go Cowboys !!!

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http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/2015 NFL Playoff picture_1417644802.jpg

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Welcome to my hometown Chicago!





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Welcome to my hometown Chicago!


Just you and me tonight buddy !!!
Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

Thu, Dec 4, 2014 NFL GameTrax - Regular Season - Week 14


12-05-2014, 06:14 PM
Dallas Cowboys beat Chicago Bears 41-28 at Soldier Field. Congrats Cowboys and your fans, you guys played great.


12-08-2014, 09:01 PM
The plan is simple in theory: win out and you're in.


That's the position the Cowboys find themselves in after the Seahawks knocked off the division-leading Eagles on Sunday. Dallas has three games left on its schedule: at Philadelphia, home vs. Indianapolis and at Washington. Two of those teams are nine-win clubs, while the Redskins have fallen further off the map with each passing week. The Colts could be resting their starters in Week 16 if they knock off the Texans next week, because a win would secure the AFC South title. Ultimately, winning the final three is no easy feat, but it's a more favorable position than the team was in before Philly's latest loss.

So what if Dallas only wins two of three? Things get much fuzzier. At that point, the NFC East crown could be off the table, especially if they lose to the Eagles next weekend, and they could miss the playoffs entirely.

Seattle (No. 5) and Detroit (No. 6) both sit ahead of the Cowboys right now because all three clubs are 9-4. The Seahawks have an edge over the Lions because they have fared better against common opponents, and the Lions edge the Cowboys because of a better record against NFC teams. That leaves Dallas in a precarious spot, counting on both of those teams to lose in order to sneak into one of the conference's two wild-card spots.

If the Cowboys do miss out on the postseason for a fifth consecutive season after winning two of their next three, they would become only the third team in NFL history to sit out the postseason with 11 wins, according to ESPN.com's Todd Archer. The others were the 2011 Patriots and 1985 Broncos.

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http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/2014-12-16 07NFL Playoff Picture_1418735399.jpg
http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/2014-2015 NFL Standings_1418735444.jpg

We saw three teams clinch divisions in the AFC during Week 15 with New England capturing the East, Indianapolis winning the South and Denver topping the West.

The AFC North is still open with Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the running for division supremacy and each team winning this week. If Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Baltimore all win and San Diego loses at San Francisco, then the three AFC North teams will grab the final three AFC playoff spots. On the NFC side, if Philadelphia loses, Dallas wins or ties, New Orleans wins and Carolina loses, then we have all six playoff spots locked up in that conference as well.

Some overall playoff notes:

Four teams have qualified for the playoffs through 15 weeks (NE, IND, DEN, ARI), which is the second fewest teams to gain a playoff berth at this point since the playoff field expanded to 12 teams in 1990 (three teams locked up spots through 15 weeks in 1995). Also, if ARI, DAL, DET and NO do not clinch their divisions in Week 16, it will be the second straight year that all four division titles in the NFC will go down to Week 17. That's never happened in back-to-back seasons in a conference going back to 1970. In fact, only five times have all divisions in the AFC or NFC come down to the final weekend (1980 AFC, 1983 NFC, 1987 AFC, 2000 AFC, 2013 NFC).

++++++++++++++++++++ Here are the AFC playoff scenarios for Week 16:
New England can clinch home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs with:
1) NE win + DEN loss

New England can clinch a first-round bye with:
1) NE win
2) NE tie + IND loss or tie
3) IND loss + CIN loss or tie + PIT loss or tie + BAL loss or tie

Denver can clinch a first-round bye with:
1) DEN win
2) DEN tie + IND loss or tie

Cincinnati can clinch the AFC North division title with:
1) CIN win + PIT loss + BAL loss or tie

Cincinnati can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) CIN win
2) CIN tie + BAL loss
3) CIN tie + KC loss or tie + SD loss or tie
4) KC loss + SD loss + BUF loss or tie

Pittsburgh can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) PIT win

Baltimore can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) BAL win + PIT loss + CIN loss
2) BAL win + KC loss or tie + SD loss or tie
3) BAL tie + KC loss + SD loss + BUF loss or tie

++++++++++++++++++++ Here are the NFC playoff scenarios for Week 16:
Arizona can clinch the NFC West division title and home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:
1) ARI win

Detroit can clinch the NFC North with:
1) DET win + GB loss

Detroit can clinch a first-round bye with:
1) DET win + GB loss + DAL loss

Detroit can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) DET win
2) DET tie + PHI loss or tie
3) PHI loss

Dallas can clinch the NFC East division title with:
1) DAL win + PHI loss or tie
2) DAL tie + PHI loss

Dallas can clinch a playoff berth with:
1) DAL win + GB loss or tie + DET loss or tie as long as both don't tie

Seattle can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) SEA win + PHI loss or tie
2) SEA win + DET loss or tie
3) SEA win + GB loss or tie
4) SEA tie + PHI loss
5) SEA tie + DET loss + GB loss
6) PHI loss + DAL win or tie

Green Bay can clinch a playoff spot with:
1) GB win + PHI loss or tie
2) GB win + DAL win or tie
3) GB tie + PHI loss
4) GB tie + PHI tie + DAL win or tie
5) PHI loss + DAL win or tie

New Orleans can clinch the NFC South division title with:
1) NO win + CAR loss

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http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/2015 NFL Playoffs bracket_1419834668.jpg
http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/NFL Schedule _ FOX Sports_1419834334.jpg

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http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/2015-01-04 19_43_06-2015 NFL Playoffs bracket_1420422567.jpg


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Ice Bowl - The 1967 NFL Championship Game slideshow - Packers 21 - Cowboys 17

Dec. 31, 1967 was the coldest game in NFL history, with the temperature at minus -15 degrees. Wind chill was minus -46. Electric coils under the field froze and wouldn't work. The field was a sheet of ice.

The Ice Bowl – the last time the Cowboys played a playoff game at Lambeau Field – is one of the touchstone games in NFL history. It had a little bit of everything: bad weather, a dynasty trying to hang on against an upstart, big plays, great players, two legendary coaches, a dramatic finish that had some great back stories and as it turns out, Vince Lombardi's last game coaching the Packers at Lambeau Field.

This week's Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers game has been called "Ice Bowl II" by some. We can only hope.

<iframe width="850" height="500" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/cYag0FNAObA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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http://hoiquanphidung.com/userupload/img/We Are The Champions_1420993746.mp3

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KQ2 ==> Seattle Seahawks - A keg of Heinekens (2 twelve packs)
Cowboy72A ==> New England Patriots (I hate those Patriots, but I think they are going to win)

Come on folks, cast your vote! It's showtime